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Bethel Cemetery is located one block north of Bethel Presbyterian Church at 203 S. Kentucky Street, which is one block from Highway 70, in downtown Kingston, Tennessee.

Many of the tombstones of these men have carvings of a steamboat anchor or a pilot's wheel. Click on photos for large photo.

Edward C. Allison tombstone

Edward C. Allison
Born 07/01/1868 - Died 01/24/1928

Robert M. Allison tombstone

Robert M. Allison
Born 10/16/1829 - Died 02/08/1892

(tombstone picture to be added)
Robert M. Allison
Born 07/01/1868 - Died 01/24/1928

Captain Thomas Chapman tombstone

Captain Thomas Chapman
Born 07/01/1868 - Died 11/02/1959

Captain G.R. Chapman tombstone

Captain G.R. Chapman
Born 02/27/1860 - Died 01/13/1950

John L. Doss tombstone

John L. Doss
Born 08/06/1818 - Died 08/12/1870

(Unmarked grave)
Frank Hood

W.W. Martin tombstone

W.W. Martin
Born 05/01/1854 - Died 12/11/1885

James McNutt tombstone

James McNutt
Born 08/16/1849 - Died 04/26/1885

John Thomas Nicholson tombstone

John Thomas Nicholson
Born 12/25/1851 - Died 11/17/1940

James L. Robinson tombstone

James L. Robinson
Born 06/17/1857 - Died 03/04/1936

J.H. Shucraft tombstone

J.H. Shucraft
Born 06/16/1875 - Died 12/24/1898

Captain J.L. Thompson tombstone

Captain J.L. Thompson
Born 01/10/1851 - Died 01/29/1901

Jack Washam tombstone

Jack Washam
Born 08/11/1887 - Died 10/01/1959

James R. Washam tombstone

James R. Washam
Born 03/12/1874 - Died 03/04/1921

Walter F. Washam tombstone

Walter F. Washam
Born 01/11/1878 - Died 08/12/1948

Evan Y. Wilkey tombstone

Evan Y. Wilkey
Born 02/08/1868 - Died 03/04/1932

Calvin V. Wilkey tombstone

Calvin V. Wilkey
Born 10/12/1839 - Died 01/15/1922

Charles B. Wilkey tombstone

Charles B. Wilkey
Born 06/24/1871 - Died 11/27/1947

James C. Wilkey tombstone

James C. Wilkey
Born 04/26/1862 - Died 09/14/1904

Edward A. (Cappy) Wyatt tombstone

Edward A. (Cappy) Wyatt
Born 02/24/1867 - Died 09/06/1938

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